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Wolf services

the exact opposite of disservice

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Handmade guitars

Handmade guitars, bespoke to the customer’s specifications

All guitar service

Electrics and basses

Price list below

CNC milling on a three-axis mill

Guitar accessories, semi-finished products, small components

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Price list of service works

  • Floyd Rose setup – double-locking tremolo -1000,- (price includes: consultation, neck setup, action and octaves)

  • Fret adjustments – 1100 (price includes fret dressing, filing, cleaning, and polishing)

  • Refretting – 3500 (price includes fretboard leveling, fret replacement, cleaning, and polishing)

  • Nut replacement – 500 (price includes manufacturing of a new bone nut, other materials upon agreement)

  • Pickup replacement – 300 (price includes the replacement of a single pickup)

  • Resoldering, component replacement – 250 (price includes the replacement of a single component such as a jack, pot, or switch. Price of materials not included)

  • Repair/rewiring – 750 (passive and active electronics)

  • Cleaning/cosmetic flaws – 500 (price includes hardware removal, complete cleaning and instrument preservation, antistatic treatment)

  • Fretboard cleaning, treatment – 200

  • Strap button installation – 100 (price includes installation, material not included)

  • Finish repair – from 500 (individual consultation required)

  • Broken headstock repair – from 1000

  • Refinishing – 7500 (for bolt-on neck guitars)

  • Refinishing of an entire instrument – 10,000

       Hourly rate for non-standard services – 400

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