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The Wolf Guitars

Handcrafted electric guitars built in  Czech Republic

O mně

About me

    In my youth I studied luthiery and apprenticed at Rozawood where I learned from the best in the field. I later taught at my alma mater SUPŠ in Hradec Králové. My WOLF brand has been in the market for over 10 years. I opened my technology-equipped dream workshop in my hometown of Kolín. I invested in a CNC mill, professional paint shop, and other quality equipment with one goal – to provide my customers with perfectly crafted guitars that marry machine precision with a human touch.

    I build custom electric guitars which differ in many ways from mass-produced ones. I often build guitars with chambered bodies, and I use better quality pickups and hardware. My guitars are also decorated differently. I like working with nitrocellulose lacquers which allow the sound of the wood to stand out more and the instruments to age better.

    I do everything in my power to guarantee that each customer walks away with an instrument that captures his personality and will bring him lifelong joy.

    In addition to new builds, I also offer general guitar service, ranging from minor work like setups and pickup replacements to complete restoration and refinishing of vintage instruments. Every guitar deserves to completely fulfill its own potential.



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Adam Krofian

I’ve been working with Ondra for over 5 years. In that time, he has completely reconstructed several vintage instruments for me, transforming them from “a bag of parts” to top-notch guitars. He services my entire guitar arsenal, and his T-Plank model is one of my main concert instruments. I consider him to be the best in his field in Central Europe and I’m looking forward to further cooperation with him.

Adam Krofian

(The Atavists)

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